R&D Project on biomass pyrolysis

R&D  on biomass pyrolisis

Gas Hydrates:

Development of processes based on gas hydrates formation for separation and purification of gaseous mixtures. Design and construction of continuous apparatus


Development of special not conductometric probes capable to detect the concentration non ionics substances in water and their application to the measurement of the Critical Micellar Concentration on non ionic surface active agents and the Critical Aggregation Concentratio (CAC) of amphiphilic non ionic polymers. The porbes have been designed and constructed in order to be installed and operate in high pressure and temperature systems.


Study of innovative systems for efficient conversion of thermal energy in electricity with external combustion engines such as Stirling, Stirling, Stirling free piston and Stirling Thermoacoustics at stationary and progressive wawe. Construction of small scale prototypes, materials selection and study of geometry, dynamics and conversion efficiency.